Because all children should have the same opportunity to fully develop, it’s up to everyone in Québec to do something about it.

How you can help

Because all children should have the same opportunity to fully develop, it’s up to everyone in Québec to do something about it.

How you can help

The cause

All children should have equal opportunities to develop fully. All In For All Kids is committed to making early childhood a priority in Quebec so that all children can reach their full potential.

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Let’s give all children the chance to reach their full potential

Although parents have a critical role to play, they’re not the only ones who can affect their child’s development. For example, as a society, we can offer quality childcare services and safe, stimulating public spaces where children can socialize.

Studies have shown that the most vulnerable children respond best to these types of prevention measures.

Let’s take action early for a better future

Taking action early is important because early childhood experiences contribute to healthy brain development and learning a wide range of skills. In addition, good health in early childhood allows children to thrive and become healthy adults.

Taking action early therefore means giving children the best development conditions right from pregnancy to avoid problems later in life. It also means giving all children an equal chance to fulfill their potential and become accomplished citizens.

Which kids are considered vulnerable?

Children are considered vulnerable in an area of development if they are among the 10 percent of Quebec children with the lowest scores in that area, according to their kindergarten teacher’s assessment. The 2017 Quebec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten (QSCDK) revealed that more than one in four children (27.7 percent) were vulnerable in kindergarten in at least one of five areas of development.

About 24,000 kids have trouble keeping up in kindergarten.

For example, they may have one or more of the following difficulties:

  • Trouble following instructions and classroom routines
  • Little interest in reading
  • Difficulty holding a pencil or handling objects
  • Trouble clearly communicating their needs
  • Trouble playing with other children

Children who have one or more of these difficulties may find starting school harder.


Investing in early childhood: A plan for Quebec

Because the children of today are the grown-ups of tomorrow, it’s important to offer them the best possible start in life and an equal chance to reach their full potential. Making early childhood a priority means investing in a more educated and prosperous society.

Around the world, societies that invest in early childhood and family have the best health status and the lowest levels of health inequality.

$1 = $6

One extra dollar invested in early childhood education can result in $6 in economic benefits.


$600 million

This is the annual amount spent in the community by the childcare network for the purchase of goods and services.



Investing in early childhood reduces the risk that children will need specialized services. That’s equivalent to a savings of $4,000 per child before the age of 12.




Quality, accessible educational childcare services

Improving the quality and accessibility of educational childcare provides all young children with more opportunities to be stimulated and develop to their full potential. It also reduces inequalities, as educational services have a greater impact in disadvantaged areas.

An opportunity to help young children reach their full potential.

Municipalities are taking action for children’s well-being


Safe public places to learn and have fun

Providing accessible and safe municipal infrastructure and services provides all children with the opportunity to be active and explore their environment, no matter where they live in Quebec. Living in a safe neighbourhood with a strong sense of community may be beneficial for the development and well-being of young children.


Tailored health care that is accessible to everyone

Facilitating access to health care and social services for families makes it possible to identify young children with special needs and provide them with the services that will allow them to start their life journey on equal footing with other children.

Focusing on prevention at a crucial time

Helping families get the best possible start


Support from pregnancy onwards for a better start for all babies

Providing support to families during pregnancy ensures that all babies are born in the best possible conditions and get off to a good start.


Collective measures to facilitate a work-family balance

Work-family balance measures allow children to spend more time with their parents, regardless of their jobs, while also reducing the effects of stress on families. Such measures are necessary to support parents in their role and foster the well-being of both parents and children.

Helping parents become more present for their children

Living conditions that can change things for the better


Affordable and adequate housing where children can grow up safely

Implementing measures for accessible housing provides children with the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment, regardless of their parents’ income. This is particularly important because housing conditions can influence early childhood development.

write to your elected officials

With just a few clicks of your mouse, write to your elected officials to get things moving

Do you care about young children's well-being and want to take action on their behalf? With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can send a letter to your provincial MNA or elected municipal official to let them know that together, we should be doing more for children.

This simple gesture will help pave the way for better living environments and conditions for young children and their families!

About us

The All in for all kids initiative unites committed partners who are inspired by a common goal:

to make early childhood a priority for Quebec society.

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